Buyer's Inspection

From the peak of the roof to the foundation, and everything between, I'll give my full attention to your prospective new home. I invite you to join me during the inspection to share any concerns or questions you may have. I use the latest inspection software and a variety of tools to ensure your full color inspection report, complete with photos, detailed information on any issues found during the inspection as well as some helpful home maintenance tips will be in your hands the same day of the inspection.

As an added service, for the first year of your home ownership, I will personally visit your home to follow up with any questions, concerns or maintenance issues you may have at no charge.

Pre-Listing Inspection

If you are selling your home it's a very prudent idea to have a pre-listing or seller's inspection.

The process of this inspection is exactly the same as a buyer's inspection. This service will allow you to be alerted to any issues with the home and give you the opportunity to address them before your home is on the market. Assuring your home is in good working order with no major defects ensures less hassle and a greater chance of meeting or exceeding your asking price.

11th Month Inspection

Most new home builders offer a one year warranty. if you are a new home owner it is a wise decision to have your home inspected before the warranty expires. An 11th month inspection will identify defects and safety issues and allow you time to contact the builder to have these issues resolved under warranty.

Radon Testing

Do you have radon in your home? Well, the simple answer to that question is-yes you do. The  important question is-how much. The only way to find out is to have your home tested by a qualified radon technician. I am certified by Internachi and the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2), and follow testing protocols set forth by the US EPA. 

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that exists to some degree in every home and is also present everywhere outdoors. It is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers.

The good news is that radon testing is affordable and non-invasive. I am partnered with Air Chek Laboratories and follow strict protocols to ensure accurate results with testing analysis available the same day the lab receives the samples. If radon levels are elevated, remediation can be completed  at very reasonable cost and usually in less than one day.

Mold Testing

Certified in mold testing by both Internachi and the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2), I can test your home for the presence of mold. allergens and other microbial growth. I have the diagnostic tools, technology and experience to test the comparative difference between indoor and outdoor air quality, as well as to take direct physical samples using swabs or tapes of suspected visual microbial growth. Most importantly, I use sophisticated technology including temperature and humidity meters, pin-type and surface moisture meters and Flir infrared cameras to identify the source of microbial growth and recommend repairs to resolve the issue permanently. I am partnered with SanAir Technologies Labs and follow strict procedures and protocols to ensure accurate results in a timely manner.

Aging in Place Inspection

This easy to read inspection checklist is specially designed for senior homeowners who wish to "age in place" in their residence and want to have their homes inspected for potential updates to address safety, convenience and accessibility concerns. This inspection is also useful  for any homeowner or resident whose mobility or physical condition is or may become compromised. It highlights specific exterior and interior components to provide recommendations for modification which will assist homeowners in prioritizing, planning and budgeting appropriately for any necessary upgrades, both short-term and long-term.

Note- This inspection checklist is not meant to replace the requirements of a standard residential home inspection, but can be used in addition to a standard home inspection for clients with special needs.